Dr. Rubina Kurji, BSc. DC

Dr. Kurji offers her patients a wholistic, intergrated model of health, that are safe, gentle, non invasive and very effective.

I truly believe in whole body balance. Chiropractic is so much more than just re-alignment, it’s about bringing the body back into a calm and restful place so it can heal and you can live a better life.
— Dr. Rubina Kurji

Meet Dr. Kurji

Dr. Kurji has always had a passion for wellness. She has a keen desire to educate herself on the complexities of the human body. She pursued this interest with her first degree from Simon Fraser University, specializing in Kinesiology, which solidified her desire to study Chiropractic and all it had to offer in combating the stresses of today’s world.

Dr. Kurji regularly attends post graduate training to be at the cutting edge of what is available, so that she can provide only the best care to her patients.

She is a proud member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), which has given her the most current education and techniques to focus on her pregnant patients and her pediatric patients

Her Yaletown clinic offers her patients a wholistic, intergrated model of health, that are safe, gentle, non invasive and very effective.

Her intention was to offer Chiropractic care as a way of achieving optimum health. After graduating with a Doctorial degree in Chiropractic Medicine from Western States Chiropractic College, Dr. Kurji's opened her Clinic - Urban Chiropractic & Wellness Inc - and has now been offering her care to patients for 18 years. Dr. Kurji's main technique is called TORQUE RELEASE TECHNIQUE. It is a non aggressive therapy for the spine.

This technique is in alignment to Dr. Kurji's own belief about wellness and stress to the nervous system. As we live in a world full of stresses-chemical, mental, emotional and ultimately, physical, we need to access ways in which to get rid of the impact on our bodies and return to a state of balance.

For Dr. Kurji, she has seen patients from all walks of life with diverse ailments and as she believes, the chiropractic patient of today, is anyone who suffers from the stress of our world and wants to take the steps in creating full alignment - taking the journey to achieving optimum health. Dr. Kurji's passion for wellness continues as part of her own personal life journey, and she is continually inspired by the dynamic results in her own patients.