We work with the nervous system to " re-set" the imbalances caused by stresses and our environment. Once balance is achieved,
the body can heal.

We all have stresses. They can be categorized under chemical stress, physical stress and emotional stress. Physical stress such as sitting at a desk for long hours, lack of exercise and improper footwear have now become a part of our existence. Not consuming a balanced diet, too much caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Too little water, eating refined foods are all examples of chemical stress. Emotional stress surround us every day. How do we process our world i.e deadlines, marriage, children? How do we balance our lives? These stresses affect the balance of our nervous system and lead to a long list of possible symptoms. At Urban Chiropractic & Wellness, we work to re-balance
the whole body so it can function the way it should and heal.

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Rubina has been a godsend to me! I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, yet within a few sessions the pain and numbness in my hands & arms was gone! In general, I continue to feel better and better after every visit. The "release" technique is amazing, and Rubina is a gem - I'm so glad I found her!

See you soon!